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Courageous and inspirational Samui resident needs our help to prolong his life

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Courageous and inspirational Samui resident needs our help to prolong his life | Samui Times
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When the Samui Times received a message from a lady called Claudia telling us about her good friend Bob de Jong , a man facing terminal cancer and asked for our help to raise awareness of his medical and financial needs we were only too happy to help.

Claudia told us that Bob is a very dear friend who has been in Samui for fifteen years and has worked as a General Manager on the island in a number of resorts. With a lust for life Bob was crushed when his health started to deteriorate only a few short years ago.

Bob50 year old Bob comes from the Netherlands. Bob is a man who has always lead a healthy life and has never smoked or drunk alcohol, so when he started to get breathless and have chest pains three years ago he was horrified to discover he needed triple heart bypass surgery. Up to his point having never suffered a day’s illness in his life, he had never considered health insurance. Thankfully due to diligent savings Bob was able to cover the costs of his expensive surgery, but now with a medical history he found insurance companies unwilling to offer him medial cover.

Bob recovered well from his surgery but a little while later he had some pains in his stomach that concerned him so he went along to the hospital to get a check up and was devastated to discover he had stage 3 bowel cancer. Bob had surgery almost immediately to remove a large section of his bowl, he then underwent both Chemo and radiation treatment for his incredibly aggressive cancer. After more chemo and radiation the cancer was still progressing and more surgery became inevitable. A family friend in Switzerland who is a GP suggested Bob go there for surgery and thought being in more familiar surroundings would be good for Bob, so he flew off for his next stage of treatment.
When Bob returned to Thailand he discovered that the cancer had now spread to his right kidney that also had to be removed. After yet more exhausting chemo and radiotherapy that had Bob vomiting up to thirty times a day he found himself totally exhausted, barely able to walk he was so weak and in need of a break. In order to regain his strength Bob took 3 short months off his treatment before returning to the hospital, only to find it was the biggest mistake he could have made. Despite having intensive treatment in Thailand, Singapore and Switzerland his cancer had become terminal.

Given a prognosis of only six to eight months to live, and finding himself in a position of having to sell all of his worldly possessions to pay for his treatment, Bob initially did not tell even his closet friends of the dire situation he found himself in. Bob told the Samui Times that he initially had to digest the information himself before he could bring himself to talk about it. His close friend Claudia called him one night and he told her the dreadful truth, not only about his prognosis but his financial situation too. Bob is a proud man who worked hard and saved money to buy his apartment here in Koh Samui, during his expensive treatment he was forced to hurriedly sell the property at far less than its market value to meet his medical bills on time. With time and money running out Bob was forced to rent back his home, sell his clothes, jewelry his mother left to him and just about every other worldly possession in order to pay for treatment that can now, sadly, only prolong his life.

Claudia jumped into action and started a Go Fund Me account, something Bob had never previously even heard of and set up a campaign to help her dear friend. Bob has been amazed how kind people have been to him. Many people have come forward to help with alternative treatments and Bob is doing all he can to help himself by sticking to an alkaline diet and even taking dramatic measures such as injecting himself with his own early morning urine that has a powerful effect on cancer cells. Despite his cancer spreading to his bones and lung Bob maintains a positive outlook on life. His beloved Dog Charlie keeps him going and gives him a reason to get up each and every day. Bobs brother, who also has his own financial troubles has granted one of Bob’s wishes, that he will take care of the dog and love him as Bob does when one day he is no longer around.

Bob’s story has really touched our heart. This incredible man still manages to smile and has found wonder in some of the people he has met along his tragic journey. He told us of a wonderful lady he was having treatment with in Singapore. Both terminally ill they found reasons to smile and laugh each day and even though he knows his cancer is a very serious subject Bob says that even in his situation you cannot be sad all of the time. Sadly his friend passed away but before she did she made her daughters promise to repay Bobs kindness by helping him with his flights to Singapore where he now gets the treatment to prolong his life that is so very precious to him. Bob told us that when he took a 12 week break to recover from his treatment he was amazed that his cancer could have spread so aggressively in such a short space of time, ironically now 12 weeks takes on a whole new meaning as every moment becomes so incredibly precious.

Bob really needs our help. Not only is he fighting a vicious and unstoppable disease he is fighting to pay his bills for rent, electricity, food and daily living costs as well of course carrying the heavy burden of needing to find funds for his treatment. Bob desperately needs more Chemo and only has one more week to raise the funds to pay for it and he desperately wants more time.

Please donate to Bob by clicking here to visit his Go Fund Me page and please share this article so we can get Bob the help he needs. If you don’t have a few dollars to spare but perhaps can help with vegetables and juices please contact so we can help you pass your donations on. Every little helps for Bob and no contribution is too small. Bob has never had to ask for help in his life, let’s hope enough of us can come forward so he can have the dignity of not having to ask again.

Please visit Bob’s Facebook page by clicking here and like and share this link

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