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Covid-19 “hospitel” isolation in Thailand to end September 1

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Covid-19 “hospitel” isolation in Thailand to end September 1
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One option for Covid-19 patients with no or mild symptoms in Thailand is to check into a hotel designated for Covid-19 isolation, known as a “hospitel”, but not for much longer.

The remaining “hospitels” are set to change back to regular hotels on September 1, according to Director-General of the Department of Health Service Support Dr. Thares Krasaniyarawiwong. The discontinuation of the service is yet to be confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Tharet said that a survey in conducted in August 2022 revealed that there were only 11 hospitels left of the original 79 hospitels operating in Thailand.

“Hospitels” were proposed by the Thai Hotels Association last year during Thailand’s third wave of Covid-19, when case numbers were high and hospitals were running out of beds.

For patients with no or mild symptoms who didn’t want to risk passing their infection on to their families or housemates, 14-day “hospitel” stays were an attractive, more luxurious alternative than a trip to a hospital or “field hospital.”

At least 23 five-star hotels in Bangkok were converted into “hospitels” for Covid-19 isolotion, with a high price tag, for patients who could afford it.

The demand for “hospitel” beds has now declined, partly because case numbers are lower, but mostly because more patients are opting for home isolation, said the doctor.

Secretary-General of the National Health Security Office (NHSO) Dr. Jadet Thammatatari said Covid-19 patients should call the hotline 1330 to listen to current available treatment options.

Alternatively, Covid-19 patients can go to any hospital for an assessment. The doctor will decide whether the patient should receive hospital treatment or outpatient treatment. Thai citizens who are holders of 30-baht universal health care cards are eligible for near-free treatment.

Deputy Secretary-General of the NHSO Dr. Attaphon Limpanyalert said the office was trying to make accessing services an easier process for Covid-19 patients in Bangkok…

“Recently, the NHSO and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration have discussed the idea of developing a kiosk to connect Covid-19 patients in Bangkok with doctors for a consultation. Initially, we plan to set it up in Bangkok in shopping mall areas and in the community. The idea is to make accessing treatment for Covid-19 patients in Bangkok more convenient.”



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