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Covid-19 mass testing proving to be not as efficient as you think…

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Covid-19 mass testing proving to be not as efficient as you think… | Samui Times
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The Thai government announced yesterday, that the safest and most successful approach to tackle the Covid 19 epidemic is by contact tracking (identification of high-risk personnel).

Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin, the spokesperson for the Covid-19 Situation Administration Centre, says…

“This is in part because Thailand has limited funding and can’t afford the use of a mass screening technique to identify new pathogens.”

“For example, using Thailand’s top tourist destination ‘Phuket’, which has suffered for the highest ratio for infections”

The statistics are as follows: For every 100,000 People…

  • Phuket at 44.03 cases. 
  • Bangkok in 23.03 cases.
  • Yala has 15.72 cases.

The population of Bangkok is 8,281 million, while the population of Phuket is just 416,582.

The first outbreak in Phuket was detected on January 26 and the numbers rose exponentially, leading to a serious lockdown in most districts and subdistricts.

The areas surrounding Patong’s Bangla Road and the Bang Tao beachside neighbourhood have been the hardest hit.

In response to criticism of the lack of mass screening, Dr. Taweesin says…

“4 hospitals have screened reasonably large patient samples and observed relatively small levels of infection. For eg, Patong Hospital checked 1,712 people and found 19 or only 1.11% infections.”

“Vachira Phuket Hospital checked 763 and found 2 or 0.26 per cent infections, while Cherngtalay Hospital (Thalang) tested 103 and found 5 or 4.85 per cent infections, while Thalang Hospital tested 337 people and found no infections. Based on these findings, touch tracking has proved to be the most cost-effective and reliable way of detecting pathogens. ”

The CCSA has demonstrated four main lessons learnt from the Covid-19 war …

  • People in high-risk touch groups need to be detected and to guarantee that this initiative is successful, the authorities need to implement stringent screening procedures and the police need to take action.
  • People in high-risk contact communities ought to be fully removed.
  • Effective searching for cases must be limited to areas with a high prevalence of contamination or where touch tracking can not be extended to all at-risk individuals.
  • Mass screening is not cost effective because the contamination risk is not high enough. Thailand’s number of cases is small because just too few individuals have been checked by the authorities.

SOURCE:The Nation

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  • Total Cases: 3261
  • Active Cases: 98
  • Recovered: 3105
  • Deaths: 58
  • Last Updated: 23-07-2020 at 04:12