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Coronavirus Statistics

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January Covid-19 Timeline

On 31 January, the first two novel coronavirus cases were reported in the United Kingdom, the first two in Russia and the first in Sweden and Spain. Canada reported its fourth occurrence.


On January 31, the United States declared Coronavirus a Public Health Emergency imposed 14-day quarantine guidelines for US residents entering the United States from China (mandatory when entering the province of Hubei). Issued an order to deny entry to foreigners who have travelled to China in the last two weeks.


On 30 January, the total case count of the novel coronavirus exceeded that of the SARS (which affected 8.096 people worldwide).


On 30 January, the World Health Organization declared the epidemic of coronavirus a global public health emergency. The first US case of human to human transmission was reported by CDC on 30 January.


Germany, Japan, Vietnam and the United States reported cases in patients who had not visited China in person but had contracted the virus from someone else who had visited Wuhan, China. According to the WHO, these cases of human to human transmission are the most concerning. Wuhan (the city where the virus originated) is the largest city in Central China with a population of more than 11 million people. The city shut down its transport links on January 23.


Following Wuhan’s lock down, Huanggang City was also put in quarantine, and Ezhou City closed its train stations. This means that more than 18 million people have been put in isolation. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that cutting off a city as big as Wuhan is “unprecedented in the history of public health” and thanked China for its remarkable contribution to isolating the virus and reducing its dissemination to other countries.

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  • Total Cases: 3261
  • Active Cases: 98
  • Recovered: 3105
  • Deaths: 58
  • Last Updated: 23-07-2020 at 04:12