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Covid-19 outbreak allows Don Mueang Airport to makes plans for make-over

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Covid-19 outbreak allows Don Mueang Airport to makes plans for make-over | Samui Times
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Don Mueang’s Airport Director, Sampan Khuntranont, is trying to make the best of a bad situation by taking up the opportunity to improve the interior of its international terminal, while the airport is free of passengers.

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced the suspension of domestic and international flights, causing all air traffic to come to a halt.

Sampan says…

“The airport has decided to push ahead with plans to revamp the interior of the international terminal, costing 126 million baht.”

The work involves three sub-projects:

  • 99 million baht improvement of the air-conditioning system
  • 18 million baht priced re-carpeting job
  • 9 million baht switch to LED lights to save energy

“Redoing the interior is no easy task when there are lots of people wandering about. Even changing light bulbs or replacing air vents, for example, requires opening the ceiling which necessitates sealing off the walking space underneath.”

Bids will be called this month to find contractors, so work can begin in July and be completed by the end of the year. Although Sampan is keen to get work started as soon as possible, he also voiced his concerns about the project.

“The projects might not attract contractors because of a severe labour shortage. Many workers have returned home and are staying there due to lockdowns in their provinces triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, procuring certain imported materials for the improvements could also pose a problem because of border closures in some countries.”

With Don Mueang Airport being the country’s second busiest airport, after Suvarnabhumi. There is also a plan in the works to expand Don Mueang budget carriers.

Last month, AOT pre-approved plans for expansion at Don Mueang Airport. Read More HERE

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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