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Creditor cancels THB1.5 debt after woman burns herself alive

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Creditor cancels THB1.5 debt after woman burns herself alive | Samui Times
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A loan shark agreed to cancel the THB1.5 million debt of a Lopburi farmer after the despairing woman set herself on fire at a government office in Bangkok yesterday.

Sangwien Raksapetch, 52, remains hospitalized at Vajira Hospital where a doctor said today she cannot breathe on her own and cannot speak. However has shown awareness and has been responsive to the medical team respond to the doctor team by moving her muscles.

She’s scheduled to have surgery this afternoon while her relatives have arrived in Bangkok.

According to Khaosod, Sangwien’s motive to commit self-immolation was an unfair loan contract. Sangwien reportedly secured a loan for THB400,000 but the creditor took advantage of her ignorance and pressured her into interest rate terms that saw her debt balloon to THB1.5 million.

She’d sought help with the issue after it seemed the creditor was going to get the title to her land, where she grows corn, pumpkins and rice. On Wednesday she had traveled from Lopburi province to a complaint office set up by the junta after it seized power. At some point she she shouted about not being helped, doused herself in gasoline and set herself on fire.

Officials since intervened to help. Thidarak Theparak, who provided Sangwien the loan, reportedly agreed to cancel the debt after authorities and Lopburi officials discussed it with her. Sangwien will also maintain possession of her land and its title.


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