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CTH will broadcast EPL Football in Samui

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CTH will broadcast EPL Football in Samui | Samui Times
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Panic is setting in as the EPL football matches draw closer thanks to TrueVisions losing the rights to broadcast the matches. However CTH (Cable Thai Holdings) do have the rights to show the matches and they are cheaper than TrueVisions. Their packages are listed on their website, however only in Thai. You can visit their website by clicking here Basically what’s on offer is 140 channels, 31 of which are in HD. There are 6 dedicated channels for the English Premier League and prices start at 599 baht per month if you want to pay three years in advance.

Subscription fees are 899 if you pay per month
If you pay for 10 months up front then you get 2 months free reducing the fee to 738 baht per month.
If you pay for 18 months up front then you get to watch for 24 months reducing the fee even further to 673 baht per month.
If you pay for 24 months up front you can watch for 36 months and that makes your monthly fee 599 baht per month.

There are two ways that subscribers can watch the programs, either through your local cable operator or by using a set top box with a KU-band satellite dish. The dish can be rented for 125 baht per month, you have to pay a deposit of 1,800 baht per month. You can register for a set top box the CTH website by clicking here but you will need somebody who reads Thai to help you.

On the CTH FAQ’s page if you use Bing as your search engine you can right click on the screen and Bing will translate the page to English. The call centre number for CTH is 1619, however, with demand so high it seems the company are inundated with calls. The Samui Times called the centre this morning and after three hours of being on hold were unable to speak to a representative. However there is an office in Lamai opposite the Kodak shop on the ring road. So far we have not been able to establish if the matches will have English commentary.

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