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Curfew for migrant workers on islands in Surat Thani may be imposed to prevent crime

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Curfew for migrant workers on islands in Surat Thani may be imposed to prevent crime | Samui Times

This was what the governor of Surat Thani province disclosed Monday after banning beach parties on three islands, with the exception of Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan.

Chatpong Chatphuti, the governor of Surat Thani province, held a meeting with all the relevant local government agencies involved in looking after the security of tourist on the three main islands. The three popular tourist destinations are Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao islands.

The governor has ordered that all beach parties are strictly forbidden following the fallout from the incident of the two murdered Britons in Koh Tao Island.

He stated that the incident has severely damaged Thailand’s image as a tourist destination.

He said beach parties such as the Black Moon and Half Moon parties be forbidden.

However, the world famous Full Moon party will still be allowed to go ahead but will have to be strictly regulated, he said.

The governor has expressed his plan to impose curfew for foreign workers in the three islands.

By doing this, foreign workers will be forbidden to be outside of their residences after 10.00 pm.

He stated that this was because most of the workers working on the islands are fluent in English allowing them to easily mingle with foreign tourists while claiming to be local Thais.

“Actually by law no such parties are allowed to be organized. I advise that operators involved in such activities cooperate with authorities to help improve tourism for the country. As for the policy for the strict control of foreign workers movement by forbidding them outside their residence after 10.00 pm, you must remember that the country is in fact still under martial law. We will allow some lea-way of course but what we must keep in mind that the recent murder has severely damaged Thailand’s image.”

In a parallel development, representatives of an organization looking after the welfare of foreign labor has received permission to speak to the two Myanmar suspects in the case of the two murdered British tourists on Koh Tao today. This follows the Koh Samui provincial court ordering them to be detained for a third time at the provincial court’s jail to await trial.

Thawatchai Siengjeaw, the director-general of the 8th region prosecutors’ office, stated that the reason why the men haven’t been prosecuted is because the case file has not been completed.

He stated that investigators in the case have not presented all the necessary evidence and points which has resulted in the men being detained for a third twelve day period to await trial.

Meanwhile, in Krabi province, Pol. Maj. Gen. Decha Butnampetch the acting police commissioner for the 8thRegion Provincial Police, has instructed the Krabi police to strictly enforce the law during the coming tourist high season along the Andaman sea coastline. Pol. Maj. Gen. has ordered that the highest priority be given to the safety and security of tourists as well as closely monitoring marine traffic.

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