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Customs Department cracking down on import tax evasion

Samui Times Editor



Customs Department cracking down on import tax evasion | Samui Times
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The Customs Department is keeping an eye on illicit businesses circumventing taxation such as travelers that return with goods for commercial purposes and shipping companies with fraudulent manifests while also considering cooperation with companies such as Alibaba, EBay and Amazon to combat non-regulated e-commerce.

Customs Department cracking down on import tax evasion | News by Samui TimesCustoms Department Director-General Kulis Sombatsiri said the office is working to improve its efficiency in collecting intelligence, letting on it is connecting with domestic and foreign agencies and utilizing technology to better handle importers and shipping companies circumventing customs payments.

The department is especially focusing on blacklisted shipping companies and individuals that are carrying goods in to Thailand from their travels. It has been detecting individuals returning to the Kingdom with upwards of 20 bags or several kilograms of supplements, indicating intent to sell the products commercially.

Tour guides are also being monitored as they are in a position to illegally import goods. The department is trying to detect such activities via social media, where sellers often present import goods as pre-orders, requiring them to obtain the products from abroad.

Areas the department is paying special attention to include shipping company manifests that can be doctored and online goods that are sold at unlikely prices.


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