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Danny Glass handed down suspended sentence, B15,000 fine

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Danny Glass handed down suspended sentence, B15,000 fine | Samui Times
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A member of the Phuket Public Prosecutor’s office has today (Jan 30) confirmed to The Phuket News that British national Danny Glass has been handed an 18-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and fined B15,000 for the death of his girlfriend following a motorbike accident on May 8 last year.

Danny Glass handed down suspended sentence, B15,000 fine | News by Samui TimesIt was confirmed that Glass’s sentence was handed down last Thursday (Jan 25), but that the case for the driver of the truck involved in the accident is still ongoing as he has denied the charge brought against him.

Phuket Public Prosecutor Boontob Lanthong told The Phuket News today, “Glass admitted the charge of reckless driving causing death during his trial held on Jan 25.

“The verdict reached by the Phuket Provincial Court was that Glass be sentenced to 18 months in prison and fined B15,000. However, the prison sentence has been suspended for two years,” Mr Boontob said.

“With regards to the truck driver, Natthawut Kimsue, 30, from Phang Nga, he has denied the charge of reckless driving and is due to appear in court again in seven days.”

Glass’s girlfriend Sophie Emma Rose Anderson, also a British national, was crushed to death under an 18-wheeled truck in central Phuket on May 8 last year after Glass swerved to avoid a parked car.

Ms Anderson was six months pregnant at the time of the accident. (See story here.)

Following the incident, tributes and expressions of condolences and grief poured online for Ms Anderson. (See story here.)

On May 27 last year, Glass, from Kent, England, presented himself at Thalang Police Station, in central Phuket, to be formally charged with reckless driving causing death.

Glass arrived at Thalang Police Station shortly after 2pm. (See story here.)

Glass denied the charge of reckless driving causing death and called for donations to help fund his legal defence.

“The police are trying to give me a charge of reckless driving, which I do not agree with whatsoever, because I was driving under the speed limit… I was driving in a straight line. I wasn’t doing anything illegal on the bike. So yeah, it is a wrong accusation that I have refused as of yesterday…” Glass explained on his YouTube channel in late May.

“It was an accident. It was not the driver’s fault that he ran her over, it was an accident on his side and on my side. No one is to blame. It was just one of those freak accidents that happen,” Mr Glass said. (See story here.)

In July last year it was confirmed by Thalang Police Chief Col Somphong Thipaphakul that an image appearing to be a screengrab from a private Facebook message sent in relation to Glass’ case would not be presented as evidence in the case file.

The screengrab, which appeared to show a message sent from Glass’s Facebook Messenger, was sent anonymously to The Phuket News, which duly passed the image on to the Thalang Police investigating the case. (See story here.)

On Sept 18 last year, it was confirmed by the new officer leading the case, Lt Col Anukul Nuket, that the case file for Glass had not yet been completed by Lt Col Sanit Nookong, who transferred out of Thalang Police Station the previous month.

“The case has not yet been transferred to me. Lt Col Sanit said that he will complete the case file before transferring it,” Col Anukul said. (See story here.)

Then on Dec 19 last year, it was announced that Glass was set to face the Public Prosecutor on Christmas Day (Dec 25).

“Mr Glass has a meeting set with the public prosecutor on Monday, Dec 25, in order to report himself,” said an official of the Phuket Public Prosecutor’s office. (See story here.)

However, that date was deferred until Jan 25, when the sentence was handed down.

Glass related his experience with the Thai legal-justice system in Phuket in a YouTube video posted last Friday (Jan 26).

In the video he relates his emotional roller-coaster ride over the past eight months.

I got advised by multiple different people including police that some of my friends knew that I should just accept it rather than fight it because yeah I would just get a small penalty and then it could just be over and done with it I can move on my life because otherwise it could drag on even longer and I wanted to get it over and done with,” he said.

Glass also noted that with the trial now over he is looking to leave Thailand.

I’m gonna leave Thailand and even go to Costa Rica or maybe somewhere else in Asia… It’s a new chapter in my life because now I haven’t got this huge thing hovering over my head,” he said. (See video here.)

Thalang Police Chief Col Sompong Tiparpakun told The Phuket News today that he had yet to confirm whether or not Glass would be able to leave Phuket, or Thailand, while still serving a suspended sentence.

However, Col Sompong noted that reckless driving charges would not usually incur a “no fly” restriction.

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