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Dash cam is very helpful to police

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Dash cam is very helpful to police | Samui Times
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Dash cam is a new technology that is very helpful to police both in tracking criminals and in reducing traffic case disputes in court.

Dash cam is very helpful to police | News by Samui TimesTraffic violators will give in to video footages on the camera and settle their disputes by agreeing to pay traffic fines without contending who is right or wrong as evidence shown in the video caught by the camera are clear evidences.

With such advantages, the police are now encouraging motorists to equip them in their vehicles, and city administration also is urging the insurance firm to lower insurance premium for cars mounted with such device.

Police said dash cam could help solve up to 40% of traffic disputes.

Pol Maj Manit Chanprasit, deputy inspector for traffic at the Vibhavadi-Expressway Traffic Control Centre, said dash cam is vital to addressing cause of traffic accident.

In case of accident, and a motorist has car camera mounted in his vehicle, the police could then use the video in the camera as part of evidence for court trial.

He said even if there is no rear camera, but in case of collision from the rear, the police could analyze from the video on the dash cam.

He said that there are an average 200 accident cases on Vibhavadi road a year and 30-40% of these cases could be compromised and settled without going to the court because videos in the cameras.

He said if dash cam is mandated by law, it will be of great advantage to police investigating traffic cases as well as other related crimes.

One motorist Ms Sukalya Sak-udomlert said dash cam was very helpful to her in case of hit-and-run case.

With the evidence shown to insurance firm after she was hit by a car and the driver sped, she then needn’t have to pay the excess fee in such case.

Insurance firm could use the video from her car to track the driver as the license plate was clearly shown on the video, she said.

But although the dash cam will be very helpful to solve traffic cases, the Land Transport Department says it is still unnecessary to enact a law to make dash cam a compulsory device in car.

Instead it should rather be a voluntary basis as the device could be a financial burden for some, said the deputy director general Mr Nattapong Cherdchoo.

“If we force them to equip in-car camera, it will be no use if they don’t switch on the camera,” he said.

Let it be a voluntary measure, he added.

However the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has formally asked the Financial Ministry to seek cooperation from insurance firms to lower insurance premium for car which is equipped with dash cam, reasoning that it could create traffic discipline and efficiently curb criminal activities.

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