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Day 3 of the Koh Tao murder trial

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Day 3 of the Koh Tao murder trial | Samui Times

On day three of the Koh Tao murder trial taking place at the Provincial Court in Koh Samui a police forensics officer gave evidence in the case. During his testimony graphic descriptions were given of the victims bodies as they were discovered on the beach on the morning of September 15th 2014. As photographic evidence was shown to the police officer and bite marks on Hannah’s body were discussed two family members left the courtroom, finding the evidence to upsetting to sit through. One Migrant Workers Rights Network group supporter was also escorted from the court when she was overcome by emotion, finding the families reaction too upsetting to bear.

Later outside the courtroom David Millers family told reporters that they had visited Koh Tao for one day before the trial, a trip they found to be very hard indeed. Later in the day the exert who carried out the post mortems on both bodies told the court that David had serious head wounds that were likely caused by a hoe. When asked if men of the defendant’s stature could have caused the injuries to David the coroner confirmed it was possible.

There is still some confusion as to the independent testing of DNA. The DNA on the cigarettes has been described by police as ‘finished’, and there is yet to be any ruling on the possibility of a re-test on the DNA samples taken from the deceased bodies. Outside the court the doctor who took swabs from Hannah’s body said that those samples were also ‘finished, however the defense team experts said they should be able to re-test the swabs – even if test tubes were used.

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