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Day four of the Samui Times Wight loss competition

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Day four of the Samui Times Wight loss competition | Samui Times
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Our Juicy weight loss contestants are now on day four of the seven day competition. After a pre comp meeting, comparing food diaries prior to the diet and having some motivational speeches the six are now spending a week on a juice diet as well as a fitness program that includes workouts with weight loss expert Anzhela.

We caught up with two of the contestants to find out how they are finding the diet and how they are feeling mid way though the competition.

workout 2Contestant E told us – For the 10 weeks prior to starting Juice Week I had been doing a complete fast for one or two days a week in my own attempt to lose weight, so drinking 5 nutrient rich juices everyday does not feel at all like I am depriving myself. In fact my biggest worry was going without coffee for a whole week. However, reading about the negative effects of coffee has made me question whether I want to continue drinking it.

I’ve noticed that my energy levels have been constant throughout the day drinking juices, whereas on a ‘normal’ diet my energy levels would oscillate and I often felt sleepy and sluggish after eating. During the exercise sessions I haven’t noticed any lack of energy, and in fact it’s surprising how much energy you can have on an empty stomach.
I could not be happier with the week so far, it’s been really motivating doing it in a group, and we are getting lots of encouragement and great advice from Angela. By the end of the week I’m hoping to be the lightest I’ve been in 10 years, and look forward to getting my cholesterol checked, which was 8.3 (or 323 mg/dL) just 3 months ago.

Contestant D told us – It is now Day 4 of our Juice fast and I am quite amazed at how my body is holding up, or more specifically, how my hunger pangs seem to have been kept at bay. We have been given two jars of juices to last us for each day and incredibly, I find that after taking it, I am not physically hungry or yearning to eat food. I still envisage a craving for a good steak meal but the desire for it has been somewhat stifled by the sheer feeling of fullness I am feeling once those juices get into the system. The toughest part so far though has been the cardio exercises as I was never too good with physical activity after my ankle injury years ago. But Anzhela has made a program that is workable for my needs. Pushing me to a level that is beyond my comfort zone but not impossible to do. I am curious to see just how much weight I might lose in a week on this juice fast. My wife and I have discussed this going forward and we have decided that after the juice fast, we will deign to set aside one day a week to be Juice fast day.

Here’s to a few pounds lost in a few more days and to feeling great always.

The contestants can expect to lose at least seven pounds of fat during these seven days and the contestant that looses the biggest overall body weight percentage will win a full month of personal training with Anzhela.

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