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DDC warns dengue fever is on the rise

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DDC warns dengue fever is on the rise | Samui Times
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On top of the Coronavirus outbreak, the Department of Disease Control (DDC) is warning people to beware of dengue fever. After the worst drought the country has seen in decades, there has finally been some rain in several of the regions in Thailand but as a consequence has resulted in a high increase of mosquitos, making more people at risk of catching the deadly illness.

From January 1 to April 7, around 8,147 people in the provinces of Ang Thong, Rayong and Phichit have been infected with dengue fever and 4 have died so far.

DDC’s deputy director general, Dr Asadang Ruayajin, says…

“The number of infections is very high compared to previous years, so the situation needs to be monitored very carefully”

In order to avoid an increase in infections, Asadang urged people to get rid of breeding grounds for mosquito larvae.

In addition, here are 10 top ways to avoid dengue fever:

  1. Mosquitos like to stay close to the ground – you are more prone to get bites around your legs and ankles, so make sure you use spray repellant or incenses.
  2. The sunrise and sunset attract mosquitos – the most dangerous mosquitos that carry dengue fever, like linger around during sunrise and sunset. So make sure you are extra cautious during those times of the day.
  3. They love perfume – smelling good can also attract mosquitos
  4. Avoid wearing bright clothes – mosquitos are also attracted to bright and dark colours. Try to make beige the new black and wear bland colours to disguise yourself from them.
  5. Re-apply repellant – one spray won’t last all day!
  6. Keep clean – they like you dirty. If your hot and sweaty, to them you smell good and look delicious.
  7. Use Mosquito incense repellant – if you don’t like using spay you can always use incense, but make sure the smoke is blowing in your directing or else they will be useless.
  8. They follow the light – like many bugs and insects, mosquitos love the light. So if the lights are off outside and your lights are on inside, best believe those little pests will do there best to try and find a way towards the light.
  9. Spray your room before you go to bed – it might be a bit of a hassle but it better than getting eaten alive while you sleep. Try to spray your room to deter mosquitos from coming inside.
  10. Use nets and fans – with a strong enough fan you can blow the mosquitos away making it hard for them to land of your body. If you’re really struggling with a mosquito problem, you can get mosquito nets that you can attach to doorways or place over your bed to stop them from entering your home or where you sleep.

Anyone in need of further advice can call the DDC hotline – on 1422.

SOURCE: The Nation | The Thaiger

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