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Dead baby sent as parting gift for ex-boyfriend

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Dead baby sent as parting gift for ex-boyfriend | Samui Times
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Somrong Nuea police are investigating an incident which a woman sent a box filled with a dead baby to her ex-boyfriend.
Police Major Attawat Attakitwiroj said he would classify the investigation after receiving the forensic report on the dead baby, which was found with an uncut biblical cord and aged around seven months.
Attawat said he did not know whether the baby was killed or died following an early delivery and/or an abortion.
He was speaking after checking the scene at a townhouse on Theparak Road 4, Mueang Samut Prakan district.
Based on the statement given by the townhouse owner, she said an ex-girlfriend of her brother, known as B, came to her home last evening.
She said her brother was not at home and B gave her a box and a letter, saying she wanted to give a message, saying farewell to her ex-boyfriend.
After B left in a taxi, the townhouse owner opened the box, found the dead baby and alerted police.
Attawat said the accompanying letter outlined the hurtful feelings of B who said the boyfriend was cruel and cold hearted in leaving her for a new girlfriend when she was pregnant.
B said in the letter that she was left to go through her pregnancy alone and that she hoped the dead baby would serve as a reminder of the boyfriend’s irresponsibility.
In concluding her letter, B said she wished the best of luck for the new girlfriend and that the couple would not have to face a repeat of what she had to endure.
Police plan to summon and interview B after receiving the forensic report on the baby’s cause of death.
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