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Dead woman: “Lady of the Hills” is my daughter, claims Udon Thani mother

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Dead woman: “Lady of the Hills” is my daughter, claims Udon Thani mother | Samui Times
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An Udon Thani woman has claimed that her daughter is the “Lady of the Hills” found dead on the Yorkshire Dales in England 14 years ago. 

She suspects that she was murdered by her UK husband – a former English teacher in Bangkok – after they went to the UK and their marriage turned sour. 

A sketch of the victim and a dream she had only added weight to her fears, she said.

Now with the help of a group that assists Thai women living in the UK she hopes to finally bring the body of her daughter home.

DNA results are expected in a month. 

Dead woman:

In addition police in the UK may be able to open a murder inquiry if they know the identity of the victim.

The mystery woman was dubbed the “Lady of the Hills” by villagers in Horton in Ribblesdale in Yorkshire.

Back in September 2004 it was believed she had died after getting lost and falling. She was wearing socks, Marks and Spencer jeans and a broken bra. After an inquest she was buried there. 

In September of last year the case was reopened leading relatives of Joomsri Seekanya, 72, to contact Setthinaree Wenet of the Thai Women Network in the UK. 

Joomsri said that her daughter Lamduan Armitage, who would now be 52, went missing a little over 14 years ago. Contact had abruptly ceased. 

She met her future husband in Chiang Mai. He was an English teacher in Bangkok. They married according to Isan traditions in her hometown of Phen in Udon Thani province in the north east of Thailand.

They had two children together and went to live in the UK where Lamduan worked in a restaurant sending her mother money every month. 

In 2004 she received a call from her daughter saying that her husband regularly assaulted her. That year she came back to Thailand with the children for a visit.

But one month later all contact stopped and no more money was sent.

Joomsri said she had a dream that her daughter had been pushed into mud and was dead. She claimed the spirit of her daughter called out to her that she was cold.

A visit to a medium produced the same results leading Joomsri to believe her daughter was dead and perhaps murdered by her husband. 

Yesterday a meeting was held at the Justice Ministry in Udon where Orn-Kasemsin Jirawatwong said that contact had been made with the North Yorkshire police on the latest developments from Thailand. 

DNA taken from the mother may proved that the “Lady of the Hills” is in fact Lamduan Armitage.

Results are expected in a month.

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Dead woman:
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