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Deadly clashes in Bangkok

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Deadly clashes in Bangkok | Samui Times
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A policeman has been shot dead during a clash with opposition protestors during an operation to reclaim the government buildings today, the scuffle has caused dozens of injuries.

After riot police moved in to clear a rally site in Bangkok’s historic distance, close to major tourist attractions, the sound of gunfire and explosions rang out.

deadly clashes in BangkokOne policeman was shot dead and four others were injured according to Police Lieutenant General Prawut Thavornsiri, and according to the Erawan Emergency Medical Centre 44 people were hurt in the blasts.

Demands by the police that the demonstrators leave the area were rejected. Akanat Promphan, an anti government protestor said “The government cannot work here anymore, they arrests do not affect us. The will of the people is still strong, the government is trapped, it has no way forward.”

About 100 opposition demonstrators were arrested at a different rally site at an energy ministry complex in the capital on charges of violating a state of emergency, National Security Council chief Paradorn Pattanatabut told AFP.

It was the first time that so many protesters have been detained since mass rallies seeking to overthrow Yingluck and her administration began more than three months ago.The protesters are demanding Yingluck resign and hand power to a temporary, unelected government that would carry out reforms to tackle corruption and alleged misuse of public funds before new elections are held.

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