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Debate rages as girl needs 100 stitches after savage dog attack in Bangkok estate

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Debate rages as girl needs 100 stitches after savage dog attack in Bangkok estate | Samui Times
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Irresponsible dog owners have come under the spotlight after a dog attack on a 14 year Bangkok girl left her needing 100 stitches to her attackThe attack that happened earlier this month reached a big audience after pictures and a video were posted online. The father agreed a 150,000 settlement but has said this is not enough for all the treatment his daughter will need reported Daily News.

No criminal charges were laid in the matter as an agreement was reached. One well known Thai singer commented online that the owner should face criminal charges in cases like this. People were getting stiff penalties for hurting dogs while irresponsible owners were just let off, said the singer.

The attack happened on May 11th in the Phra Pin 4 estate in the Nong Khaem district of Bangkok. The dog jumps at the girl but much of the attack is missed. When it is over people are seen leading the dog away.

Father Surapong Jinawong, 47, told reporters that the dog came out of a house three doors down as his daughter was playing in the street. It always looked threatening but had never bitten anyone , he said. He had tried to help his daughter but the attack had been very quick and by the time he managed to get it off her she had suffered severe facial injuries.

His daughter was treated at several hospitals that night and needed 100 stitches to her face, he said. He reported the matter to Nong Khaem police the next day. He said that he had asked the owner for 300,000 baht but they had settled on half that even though he felt sure that this would not be enough as he had already paid 40,000 baht for the treatment and other surgeries would be needed.

Thai singer Joe Nuvo was one person who commented online saying that this kind of attack should be prosecuted as a criminal case. He said that people who attack dogs are getting severe sentences while owners who let their animals attack others are just let off.

Earlier this month a chicken rice vendor in Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok, who attacked and killed a dog that he said had bitten his child was jailed for four months reduced to two months on his admission.

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