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Dengue fever getting worse this year

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Dengue fever getting worse this year | Samui Times
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The situation of dengue fever this year is getting worse with the number of victims likely to double that of last year, said public health permanent secretary Dr Narong Sahamethapat over the weekend.

For the first eight months of this year until August 18, the number of victims afflicted with dengue fever was registered at 51,500 which was double the number registered for the same period last year with 37 fatalities, he said, adding that the number could climb to 70,00 by year end.

Most of the cases were in the Central Plains, followed by the Northeast, northern and southern regions and 10-14 years age group accounted for the biggest number of victims of all age groups.

Dr Narong said 80 percent of dengue fever cases were caused by bites from striped or Asian Tiger mosquito species at homes and those who used to be afflicted by the disease could again suffer from the same disease if bitten by striped mosquito species.

He encouraged health offices throughout the country to campaign for members of the public to get rid of breeding grounds for the mosquitoes at home, offices and all places.

Meanwhile, Dr Sophon Mekthana, director-general of Diseases Control Department, said victims of dengue fever would have high fever, headache, muscle and eye socket pains, vomiting and blood spots on the skin. He advised patients developing the above symptoms not to take aspirin bio-profen medicines as this might induce more internal bleeding.

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