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Dengue situation in Thailand easing

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Dengue situation in Thailand easing | Samui Times
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The Department of Disease Control (DDC) disclosed that the dengue situation in Thailand appears to be easing, as the number of patients with dengue fever has continually decreased.

The DDC reported that the number of patients with dengue fever is declining from 8,000 to 5,000 cases per week to 3,000 to 2,000 cases per week. Nonetheless, relevant sectors are implementing preventive measures in many areas where heavy rain persists.

The DDC has advised everyone to regularly check and eliminate mosquito breeding sites in their premises and communities.

The DDC Director-General, Dr. Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai, said on Wednesday that dengue is an endemic disease in tropical countries, including Thailand. Tourists can still visit their favorite destinations while protecting themselves from mosquito bites.

According to a report conducted by the National Disease Surveillance System from January 1st to October 1st this year, Thailand had 61,917 dengue cases of which 80 died. During the past weeks, the number of patients was declining and was lower than the median of the last five years. Most of the cases were children and young adults aged between 10 and 24 years old. Most cases were in the central region, followed by the North, the South, and the Northeast.

Dr. Suwannachai said the Ministry of Public Health has strengthened a multisectoral implementation of the preventive and control measures since the beginning of this year. The measures, called “3-3-1-5”, include notify dengue cases to the Surveillance and Rapid Response Team (SRRT) within three hours, promptly investigate the cases within three hours, conduct indoor residual spraying to destroy adult Aedes mosquitos within the 100-meter radius within one day, and get rid of Aedes Aegypti larvae within five days.

For public members, the DDC has advised them to follow three activities to protect themselves against dengue, chikungunya, and Zika virus. The activities include cover water containers, change water in small containers on a weekly basis and eliminate all outdoor mosquito breeding sites, dispose garbage properly, and keep houses tidy without any corners suitable for mosquitoes to rest.

For those with suspected dengue symptoms, such as abrupt high grade fever and fever that lasts more than two days, body aches, and skin rash, a special medical care at a hospital is urgently needed. For more information, please call the DDC hotline at 1422.


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