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Details emerge about the shooting at Car Care in Maenam

Samui Times Editor



Details emerge about the shooting at Car Care in Maenam | Samui Times
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On the 16th of April a shooting was reported at the Care Car opposite the Maenam Post Office. Since that time more details of the incident have come to light.

At around 11am on the 16th a man arrived at a Maenam Car Care centre, owned by a policeman, to have his motorbike cleaned. Before the staff even had a chance to start to clean the man’s bike he started to shout and said to a young female staff member that he had a gun and was not happy and wanted money. The staff member called the owner of the Car Care centre who quickly arrived on the scene. Using his experience as a police man the owner tried to talk the man down, but he agitated man only got more annoyed and then foolishly pointed his gun at the owner. Convinced he was about to be shot the owner, who is an experienced marksman, reached for his own gun and shot him. A bullet entered the man’s head on the inside corner of his left eye and exited at the back of his head. According to hospital reports the bullet did not significantly damage his brain, the shot was not fatal and the man is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Should the man recover from his injuries he will be arrested as soon as he leaves the hospital and charged with having an illegal weapon with no registration number or license and for demanding money with menace.

The police are satisfied that the owner of the Car Care acted appropriately and the decision to shoot the man was the correct one given that the man was highly agitated and pointing a gun directly at him and was about to shoot.


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