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Dirty water from a laundry pollutes a canal and kills fish in Maenam

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Dirty water from a laundry pollutes a canal and kills fish in Maenam | Samui Times
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On August 25th authorities were informed by some Maenam villagers that the water between the river and the sea was severely polluted. On arrival at the canal responders found many dead fish floating on top of the water and many astounded onlookers. Some of the locals were picking up fish that were still breathing and taking them upstream in an attempt to rescue them.
Various types of fish such as mullet and snapper were found dead across 800 feet of water that was giving off a disgusting smell as a result. It is feared that the decaying fish will make their way into other canals and the ocean, damaging the eco system.

dead fish 3Ms. Nhujai Pullsin, 63 explained that 400 fish from the canal had been sold in the rest of the haul had been salted. She said that many of the fish in the canal had not died but seemed to be comatose in the water. The cause of the problem she said was effluent from a local laundry facility and asked that authorities come and examine the contamination.

Mr Wijak Meepiean, a committee member for Moo Maenam came to inspect the canal and advised the public not to cook the dead fish as they may be contaminated with toxins and, the consumption of the fish could be dangerous he said. He went on to say that the laundry had been previously warned not to discharge contaminated water into the canal as it causes ecological damage to aquatic life, the laundry had agreed not to pollute the canal however locals do not believe they are complying with the request.

A written complaint has been made to authorities. This is the second incident of dead fish polluting the canal this year.

dead fish 1

Story by Ann Kwanta

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