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Discover your martial strength at Samui Fight Camp

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Discover your martial strength at Samui Fight Camp | Samui Times
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Tucked amongst the tropical sceneries of Koh Samui island, lies the world-famous Samui Fight Camp. The camp draws professional fighters and fitness enthusiasts across the world towards its unique training programs combining traditional techniques in martial arts with contemporary methods of training. Isn’t that something to look forward to?

samui fight camp seanAt Samui Fight Camp, there are no limits to what can be achieved and learned in the field of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Whether you are a veteran athlete looking for that extra edge or a novice with nix idea where to start, you would be taken care of accordingly. Students are trained under expert guidance of world class trainers and renowned fitness instructors. The camp offers courses ranging from Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu/Grappling, Western Boxing to weight loss programs.

When we say we provide training that you will never forget, we are actually referring to extremely experienced and proficient trainers like our Head coach Sean Douglas. Sean, an elite Muay Thai and martial arts trainer, helps our students reach their personal goals and can take any athlete to their personal next level. Sean has trained fighters, stuntmen, NFL and NBA athletes as well as UFC fighters. Sean while traveling and touring the USA trains professional athletes and fighters from prestigious gyms such as Black House MMA, Systems training center and many others. And our BJJ and MMA programs are lead by legendary professor Toney Waldecker. Toney is our MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) guest Instructor. Toney holds 3rd degree Black Belt in BJJ and represents a direct lineage to Relson Gracie. He is also head instructor at Kaizen MMA in United States

We limit each class size to ensure that every student gets the right amount of individual attention & training to get the most out of our training.

Our fighting gear and apparel is sure to impress you at the very first glance! It boasts of excellent quality and user satisfaction. And it could be yours right away! You could purchase it at one of our gyms or you could order it prior to your arrival.

Here is testimony of someone who had spent over 10 years with Sean throughout his martial arts journey in Thailand and other places:

“The smile you are met with when you first meet Sean Douglas might not be what you expect for a man with his history in the fight game. It’s the big, broad welcoming style of somebody with little left to prove to himself. The smile of a man who now gets his pleasure from helping others learn the art of Muay Thai in his long time adopted home of Thailand.

If you have been in the Furong Muay Thai scene in Thailand for more than a few years you know the name Sean Douglas. One of the first Americans to fight to victory in history Lumpinee Stadium and the man who first had the vision of what is now Chalong in Phuket, arguably the epicenter for Furangs training in Thailand.

The only thing that is obvious when you first meet Sean is the smile and fierce dedication to intelligent, intense and highly technical training in striking and MMA. Sean is truly a scientist in the right with the amazing ability to dissect a fighters technique and build them into something greater. A coveted pad work specialist Sean has trained some of the worlds most renowned fighters and still gives a level of intense focus and attention to a first timer that is seldom if ever seen in the world of fighting.

Sean is a regular fixture around Samui. To contact Sean visit him or stop by Samui Fight Camp in Namuang during training hours.”

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