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Distressed lawyer rescued from Phuket roof

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Distressed lawyer rescued from Phuket roof | Samui Times
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A distressed local lawyer was wrestled into a cherry picker early this afternoon (December 23) after he climbed up on a roof in Thalad Yai, Phuket Town.

Local residents called police after they saw him pacing back and forth in his socks on the apex of the roof on Suthat Rd Soi 1, apparently steeling himself to jump.

lawyer on the roofOne resident waching the drama unfold said, “He climbed from a three-storey building onto the rooftop of a nearby house. I’m afraid he is going to jump.”

The 45-year-old man, whose name was not revealed, was identify by locals as a lawyer from Bamroong Rungruang, a well known law firm in Thalad Yai.

Police tried to talk to the victim into coming down but he did not respond, instead continuing his ramble on the roof. Several times he stumbled and almost fell.

Two rescuers climbed onto the roof from the back of the house and another two went up in the cherry picker. The lawyer reacted frantically to their arrival, and it took the 30 minutes to corner him near the cherry picker and then wrestle him into the bucket.

Once on the ground, the sobbing man was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital.

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