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Ditch The Workout, Join The Party!

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Ditch The Workout, Join The Party! | Samui Times
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Zumba Fitness is the latest rage in the Fitness industry. It is proven to be a highly effective method of cardio-vascular exercise and provides a fun & entertaining means of workout leading to weight-loss, increased stamina, increased immune system and relief of mental stress. “Zumba is not a dance class. It’s a form of dance aerobics performed mainly to Latin rhythms, and using Latin Dance movements, but is not limited to and also includes pop, bellydance, hip hop, folklore and a fusion of music styles. The goal is for you to have fun working out and to stop thinking about daily life just for one hour.” Try it, you’ll love it and you’ll be hooked! For more information on what Zumba is go to the official website and find out where and how you can join a session on Koh Samui. Currently, Leeta is the only certified Zumba instructor offering classes on the island. For schedule information visit: or go to facebook page: ZumbaKohSamui.

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