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Doctors demands the government be more honest about Covid-19

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Doctors demands the government be more honest about Covid-19
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The Rural Doctors Society wants the Thai government and the CCSA to be more upfront about vaccine availability and if there are enough doses to fulfill current vaccine appointments.

The doctors released a statement yesterday that says there will be “chaos” this week due to more vaccination appointments being made than expected. They say this will lead to appointments being postponed and leaving many disappointed.

The group posted the figures from the mass vaccination program which started on June 7.

The doctors claim the vaccination rate is slowing down, “because there are insufficient doses”.

They also predict further chaos next week because the 1.5 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, due next Monday, will not arrive until June 16 to June 18. The CCSA has been trying to get AstraZeneca 1 to 2 days earlier.

The 1.5 million doses will last for 2 weeks until the next 1.5 million does arrive at the end of the month.

The Rural Doctor Society says people have been anticipated being vaccinated within the next 2 weeks, but the reality is there may not be enough AstraZeneca vaccines to fulfill that wish.

The society’s statement says the jarring closure of 45 vaccination sites in Bangkok, by the Office of Social Security, on Friday, is due to them running out of vaccines and not because their facilities had to be improved, which was the reason stated by the OSS.

From the Rural Doctor Society’s statement:

Now the OSS appears to have contracted the disease of not telling the truth, like the government.



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