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“The doctors told me he was dead!” Thai mum looks set to be reunited with her long lost 29 year old son

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“The doctors told me he was dead!” Thai mum looks set to be reunited with her long lost 29 year old son | Samui Times
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A Thai woman said that she believes she is the mother of a 29 year old man who has travelled to the country with his adoptive parents to look for his real mum.

And the woman, now 48 and remarried, said that 29 years ago doctors told her that her son had died. Due to poverty and circumstances she accepted this without ever seeing the body.

imageNow she is prepared to undergo DNA tests and said that if it is really her son it will be the greatest thing to see his face again.

The Dutch family have not yet been contacted. But it looks like they are in for an almighty surprise when the happy news reaches them.

Siwa Geboers, 29, who works in logistics arrived in Thailand with dad Will, 64, and mother Margo, 60 on Thursday. They adopted Siwa in the early 90s from the Phayathai Children’s home in Bangkok when Siwa was 2 years and 8 months old. They have all lived in Holland together ever since.

But Siwa was curious about his birth mother so they came to Thailand and though lacking any hard evidence went to Ratchaburi Hospital in an initial effort. But there seemed little hope.

However, the story hit the national news and was seen by a woman called Atipha Yimyai, 51, who lives in the Sam Roi Yort area of Prajuab Khiri Khan.

She said that 29 years ago she was a sugar cane farmer in the area and they hired many itinerant workers. She became very friendly with one of them called Sanam Kenseu.

She told reporters that Sanam gave birth to a child at the Thanarat Army Camp Hospital on 22nd June 1988 and he was called Siwa.

However, there were complications with the child. He was born with a malformed rectum that had no opening. This is known as “imperforate anus”. It was not life threatening but he needed surgery and was thus transferred to Ratchaburi Hospital.

The doctors there decided it was too dangerous to operate until the child was 10 kilograms in weight. Atipha said that the parents went to see the child every week for six months despite being poor.

They spent virtually their last baht on his hospital bills and were obliged to sell jewelry and a motorcycle to pay for his care.

When six months had passed she said that the hospital demanded 10,000 baht before they would let the parents see the child but they had no money to pay.

Shortly after she said the parents were told that the little boy had died. She asked to see the body and take it for a funeral but they were told it was being kept for medical research. No death certificate was issued, she said.

“When I saw the news on TV I was sure it was the same boy,” she said and she immediately telephoned her old friend.

Yesterday Thai Rath reporters spoke on the phone to the boy’s mother whose name is now Thanaporn Panphrom. She lives in Chaiyaphum and has a new family.

She confirmed that she was a poor sugar cane worker earning just 40 baht a day in 1988.

“Siwa was my first child,” she said, “and I didn’t abandon him and I loved him very much. I paid for all his care and was so sad when I was told that he had died. The doctors told me they would only release the body on payment of 10,000 baht but I had nothing. I was so poor. I had to accept what the doctors told me and I never saw him again”.

Thanaporn continued: “When my old friend called me with the news I was so happy that I would soon be able to see him again. I truly thought he was dead. In all the years that have passed whenever I went to the temple I would pray for his soul and make merit for him”.

She said that seeing Siwa’s face on the news he is the spitting image of his father and has the same skin color. She is convinced it is him.

“I want to hug him,” she said, “and I will welcome his adoptive parents into my home with open arms. I am ready to undergo a DNA test and if it is true it will be the greatest thing to happen to me to see his face again”.

Before Siwa and his Dutch parents departed from the hospital in Ratchaburi they left an email address and are now being contacted. They said they were travelling to the north of Thailand.

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