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Dog and Cat Rescue – April News Letter

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Dog and Cat Rescue – April News Letter | Samui Times
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Dear animal friends,I’m glad to be able to finally present our April- newsletter to you. It comes a little late because I have had a small car accident on April, the 13 and since then I hardly could do something.
On April 13, the New Year is celebrated in Thailand. All people splash themselves with water mercilessly. Many drive their pick-ups through the streets. Of course, people drink alcohol and dance everywhere and a lot of water is splashed around.

animal rescueI have been sitting on the tailgate of the pick-up and while reversing, the car was driven too close to the high side walk edge and my legs got stuck on the side walk and of course that made me fall from the car. It could have ended even worst if the car had not stopped at the last moment, because there was enough space to turn around.

At first I have had a shock and after a short wound care, I continued to celebrate.

I still have bad abrasions on the legs and the legs swell to such an extent within a short time that I can barely walk and could not even sit and work at the computer. I should have stayed in bed and put my feet up, but as soon as I felt a little better, I have always tried to quickly answer a few emails.

Unfortunately this has thrown me back again and again.

At the hospital I received several daily infusions and now it finally seems to go uphill.

From 16 May to 15 June I fly to Berlin with Werner and Gina-Lisa. Unfortunately, this is not a real holiday, because I need my foot to undergo surgery. (The operation has nothing to do with the accident.)

Martina comes back to guard our house, since she can not stay all the time, Marcus, Daniela, Jay and Wit will alternate receive visitors and make sure that everything is going well in the remaining time.

JAA is living next door, he has been working with us for many years. He can take care of possible emergencies at night, such as prolonged power outages, unexpected rains or accidents and poisoning in dogs.

We have no PC in Berlin and I have no possibility to go on facebook. I will talk the mails over with Jay by the phone. Thank you for your understanding concerning the delay of answering the mails.

Here you will find the April- Newsletter.

It is quite huge, a lot has happened again!

I will be glad, if you repost it to other animal friends.

Here, you can have a look at the pictures taken by our Tempelteam:


Many greetings and thank you for your help


and the Rescue-Team

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