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Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation August 2018 Newsletter

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Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation August 2018 Newsletter | Samui Times
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Many thanks to all donors who support us locally or from far. Without your help, Koh Samui would be hell for the dogs and cats. They would be poisoned in the cruelest way. Unfortunately, this is still the common practice of the government, if there is no animal welfare organization that is trying to get the problem of uncontrolled reproduction handled.

On Koh Samui, you ALL ensure that the island is spared from large-scale poisoning.I cannot thank you enough for your support.

It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over and we are already preparing for the upcoming rainy season.

Some dog enclosures still need to be repaired and it is important to make some dog benches so that the dogs do not have to lie on the wet ground at least.

It can be quite uncomfortable, but it is never really cold here, that’s a small consolation.

The dogs in the shelter always get food. This looks different for the many street dogs – they need to see, where they might get their meal from every day.

Even if they have found a reasonably dry place to stay, they have not yet got their belly full.

We have created many feeding places on the island and in the rainy season we have to stuff even more hungry mouths, because there are hardly any tourists there, who of course also feed diligently. Many beach dogs then move back into the back land and try to manage. Often they cannot stay at the beach anymore, because it does not exist anymore. They are also driven out by hotel staff regularly. For the often well-nourished beach dogs, now the really hard months start, because they are fed almost exclusively by tourists.

ay, Linda and Tom from the temple team have set up many feeding places on the island and are out to feed the dogs every day. Please help us to raise the high expenses for the feeding of the temple dogs and the many feeding places with a small donation.

We deliver over 1.000 kg of dry food to the temples. In addition, there is cat food and a lot of canned food for the puppies. The monks are so kind and take care of the dogs and cats. The care of the street dog is considerably more difficult, because our feeding places are not always welcome.

I have good news:
The government requirements for the clinic are fulfilled. However, they were associated with considerable extra costs, which we could not afford. But we did not have much choice, because all clinics were reviewed by the government nationwide.

I am very worried, we will not be able to collect enough donations in the upcoming rainy season and that we will then have to stop or heavily reduce the feeding of the temple dogs and the wild dogs.

Please help us with a small donation for the feeding places.

Many thanks for your help.

Here you can find the August- Newsletter

There are more than 80 photos in the newsletter that will definitely bring you closer to our work.

You know a photo says more than a thousand words…

Best regards Brigitte

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