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Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation Info June 2019

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Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation Info June 2019 | Samui Times
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Dear Animal friends June 2019

This month we would like to express a Big THANK YOU to everyone who has made their way out to our shelter to drop off either a food or towel donation!

Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation Info June 2019 | News by Samui Times

Thank you to Adelina and Adrian from Australia who came to drop off a great amount of dog food for our many dogs at the shelter! They came to visit for the first time and promised also to help us get some donations once they are back in Australia by spreading the word of our Dog and Cat Rescue amongst their friends and family. For many years we received absolutely no support from hotels or people on the island so we appreciate it even more now when Hotels, Restaurants or residents surprise us with a visit and their donation. A special THANK YOU to our long time supporter the Tongsai Bay- for dropping off all of their old floor mats for our puppies, cats and sick dogs to sleep and recover on!

Operation list May 2019

Dog (Female)       62
Dog (Male)           24
Cat (Female)        43
Cat (Male)            18
Other                    32
Total                   179

Thank you very much for all your help. We hope we can count on your continued support so that we can make even more progress in the future. We believe our efforts to make Koh Samui more animal-friendly have made it a happier and safer place for tourists, for which the tourists are grateful. Our four-legged friends are most grateful for your contribution!

Best wishes
Brigitte and the DRCS – Team

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