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Dog attack on three year old – who should be responsible for dogs outside shops?

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Dog attack on three year old – who should be responsible for dogs outside shops? | Samui Times
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An attack by a dog on a three year old outside a convenience store has prompted a debate on who should take responsibility for dogs outside shops.

dog attack ThailandThe girl was attacked as she left the store on Sunday when her parents were distracted for a moment, reported Daily News.

Doctors can’t even stitch up the little girl because she is being treated for complications from bacteria present in the mutt’s teeth. She needs injections every three days and is reportedly afraid of dogs now.

An aunt said the girl’s mother won’t even talk to reporters because she is so worried about her daughter.

The pictures were posted on a relative’s Facebook page called Juthamas Tussana and were shared many times on social media. The poster said: “The dog was sleeping outside the shop and people are going in there 24/7. Why doesn’t the shop do something?

“Who will take responsibility in this case? The state says we mustn’t hurt dogs but a dog did this to my relative. Will the state help her – no way. Something should be done so it doesn’t happen to other people”.

The girl’s aunty Patraporn Thatsana said the attack happened on Sunday on Rama 2 road outside a convenience store. The little girl was out with her mum and dad.

Dad went to get the car and mum who was paying at the counter thought her daughter went with him. Instead she wandered out and was attacked by the dog.

The shop has contacted the family and told them that the dog was taken away by the local authority. But Patraporn said that there were many other dogs in the area of the shop and the authority only took one.

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