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Dogs in 7/11? Member of public says “ugh, no thanks”

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Dogs in 7/11? Member of public says “ugh, no thanks” | Samui Times
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An online story of a dog allowed to sniff and lick the produce in a 7/11 store has caused a big drama on social media.

dogs-in-7-elevenThe report of the incident was posted on the “MDsurfer” page by a friend of the person involved and the story was shared 10,000 times, reports Sanook.

The incident happened at a 7/11 in South Sathorn late at night. The poster said that the woman with the large dog let it sniff and lick produce such as milk, yoghurt, eggs and sausages that were in a display fridge.

In addition the swishing tail of the mutt was all over merchandise on the floor being prepared for stacking “like a windscreen wiper at full speed”.

The poster was full of revulsion and asked a shop assistant in earshot of the woman:

“This branch let’s dogs in does it? I don’t think it is right. Why don’t you tell her?”

According to the poster the dog owner had no reaction at all to this and just carried on as though nothing was happening or that what she was doing was wrong.

The poster said online that this is very unhygienic and they would not buy things sold within a dog’s range if they were allowed in shops like this.

They said that some dog owners will kiss their dogs on the mouth – that is their business. As far as they were concerned dogs mouths are dirty and shouldn’t be near food for human consumption.

And to make matters worse the owner’s companion, a man, was waiting outside the store. Why didn’t she leave the dog with him while she went shopping? It is just selfish.

The poster did not want to blame the staff in the shop but asked their bosses to give them authority to ensure that customers are told not to bring their pets in like this. reported that when the story broke online the woman concerned contacted the store to apologise and said that she would not allow it to happen again.

While the store said that all the items that had been sniffed and licked were removed and destroyed. And the whole area was thoroughly cleaned.


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