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Donors asked not to use foams to contain food

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Donors asked not to use foams to contain food | Samui Times
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Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is now seeking cooperation from donors of food to thousands of mourners at Sanam Luang not to use Styrofoam to contain food as now it has become a headache for authorities to dispose of this kind of containers.

foam-food-containersIt said that in almost two weeks when hundreds of thousands of mourners flocking to Sanam Luang to pay their last respect to His Majesty late King, a major problem which followed the huge crowd was garbage, particularly the Styrofoam food containers.

BMA officials said 50 tonnes of Styrofoam food containers had been dumped a day, thus making the disposal a headache although several agencies concerned were seeking the solution to address the problem.

Most food container is made from polystyrene foam which was widely known as Styrofoam.

The Styrofoam food containers are the biggest volume of rubbish, some 50 tonnes per day, followed by the recycled rubbish with 45 tonnes per day and wet waste from food for 32 tonnes per day.

BMA’s Department of Environment director Suwanna Jungrungrueng said Styrofoam was the rubbish which would take more than 100 years to decompose so that it would cause major environment problem and waste budget to dispose of.

Now many agencies including Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, BMA, and PTT plc have realized the problem and have jointly launched the campaign to use biodegradable containers made from, tapioca, corn starch and bagasse, instead which would eventually ease the environment problem.

These kinds of containers could be decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and bio waste which will pose no danger to the environment.

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