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Don’t feed the homeless, warns BMA

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Don’t feed the homeless, warns BMA | Samui Times
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Officials from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration have been criticised following the construction of a sign warning against giving food to homeless people.

The sign which was displayed outside City Hall asked people for their cooperation in not giving food to homeless people in the Lan Khon area of Bangkok.

dont feed the homelessThere are thought to be more than 100 homeless people staying in the area with local charity groups regularly handing out food, water and other supplies.

BMA officials said they put up the sign following a large number of complaints from local residents about the homeless population.

Local police have been called on several occasions to investigate claims of littering, damage to property and antisocial behaviour, which local residents say has been caused by the homeless group.

A photograph of the sign was posted to social media with those commenting accusing the BMA of being ‘callous’ and urged local officials to help the homeless people rather than prevent them getting access to free food and water.

Following the criticism, BMA chiefs have confirmed the sign has now been removed and have said they will begin discussions with local residents, charity groups and police on how best to deal with the homeless people.

Officials also said that people can continue to give food to the homeless and that they are also looking at the providing a designated area where the homeless people can go to receive food and water.

Source: Sanook News

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