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Don’t be a surrogate for foreign couples pleads surrogate mother of baby Gammy

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Don’t be a surrogate for foreign couples pleads surrogate mother of baby Gammy | Samui Times
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The surrogate mother of baby Gammy whose Australian parents left him in Thailand after discovering he had Down’s syndrome, electing to only return home with his twin sister, has urged other mothers not to get involved in surrogate agreements with foreign customers.

gammyPattaramon, a somtan vendor from Chon Buri and her family were fighting off numerous debts last year when she was offered Bt 300,000 to be a surrogate mother. Three months after the doctor injected the Australian woman’s fertilized egg into her uterus she discovered she was having twins. The agent promised her an extra Bt50,000 for the second baby. At four months doctors discovered that one of the babies was suffering from Down’s syndrome, when the Australian parents were informed the said that they did not want to take that baby. Pattaramon said that she was told by the parents at that stage to have an abortion, but she refused as to do so would be a sin against her Buddhist beliefs and a few months later she gave birth to both babies, however, the agent or organsied the deal only took the girl and let the boy with her.

According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald she said “I would like to tell Thai women, don’t get into this business as a surrogate. Don’t think only about the money,if something goes wrong, no one will help us and the baby will be abandoned from society, then we have to take responsibility for that.

Physicians have discussed for years whether commercial surrogacy should be allowed and legalized, Thai law allows only cases in which the married couple cannot conceive a child and engages a blood relative to carry their child in an altruistic arrangement. However there have been reports that dozens of children born through Thai surrogates for foreign couples have remained in Thailand due to issues with travel documents and other legal matters.

Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said yesterday that a question of “moral responsibility” should determine the fate of Gammy.

Funds have been raised online and donations have come pouring in for baby Gammy who also suffers from a heart defect and has recently been rushed to hospital.

Pattaramon’s mother, Pichaya Nathonchai, 53, said Gammy had been in a private hospital in Chon Buri since Thursday and his condition was “improving”.

“He is a quiet, calm boy…his mother and I are taking turns to see him at the hospital,” she said. Pattaramon said late on Saturday she wanted to take care of the boy in Thailand.

“I’ll take care of Gammy on my own. I’ll not give my baby to anybody.

“I wish they will love my baby…I forgive them for everything. That is the best thing I can do, forgive…it is best for everybody,” she said of the Australian couple.

baby gammy 1“I want to see all my children back together again. I don’t really think too much about the Australian couple. I can’t blame them… I don’t feel upset or angry about them anymore. They might have their own problems too.”

Pattaramon has been called a saint and an absolute hero for taking care of the child that is biologically not her own.

Meanwhile the Australian couple, who have not been named, have denied leaving Gammy in Thailand and both Channel Nine and ABC said they have spoken to them. The alleged father of the two children reportedly told the Australian ABC channel that they were only told about the girl and told Channel nine that they had a daughter of a similar age as Gammy born though surrogacy but she did not have a twin. They have described the surrogacy as traumatizing. A lawyer for the couple, whose house is now being swamped with media, is expected to make an announcement on their behalf. It is still not clear if the couple are in fact the biological parents of Gammy or if their surrogate child is the child’s sister.

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