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“Door knocker rapist” attacks fourth victim in Muang Thong Thani

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“Door knocker rapist” attacks fourth victim in Muang Thong Thani | Samui Times
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Police have admitted they have a serial rapist on their hands in the large northern Bangkok estate of Muang Thong Thani.

imageThey have connected four cases after a “big, tall” man attacked a 15 year old on the fire escape stairs on Sunday.

In the three other cases the same man knocked on doors of women and burst in when they answered. The man is operating at a variety of large tower blocks in the estate in Nonthaburi.

Fifteen year old “A” went to Pak Kret cops yesterday.

She said that she went to buy some stuff on Sunday morning and when she got in the lift on the way back the man who attacked her got in to. She got out at the tenth floor to go down the fire escape to her ninth floor room.

He followed her and grabbed her, putting his hand over her mouth and forcing her to the floor. he told her not to make a noise or he would hurt her.

She managed to get free just as he was about to rape her. The assailant fled but his image was caught on CCTV.

The attack happened in Block C6.

Pak Kret cops said this was the fourth attack by the same man in different blocks. In the other attacks he has knocked on doors and burst in when women answered.

Thai Rath did not report whether the other attacks were rapes or attempted rapes.

The man is described as big and tall and aged 30-35.

Thai Visa / Thai Rath


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