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Drinking 18 liters of holy water kils a sixteen year old boy.

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Drinking 18 liters of holy water kils a sixteen year old boy. | Samui Times
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A sixteen year old boy has died after he drank eighteen liters of water said to possess magical powers. The accident occurred during an exorcism in the Songkhla province.

The father of the victim said that the boy and his twin brother were part of a religious ceremony that was held inside a rubber farm owned by the family. The participants of the ritual meditated in the morning and in the afternoon feasted on a vegetarian meal and then took part in the exorcism that started at 4pm and went on until midnight.

The 36 year old that lead the ceremony instructed pilgrims to drink 18 liters of holy water before midnight so rid their bodies of evil spirits. They were also reportedly told to drink until they vomited. The victims twin said that the boy suffered seizures and fainted after drinking the water, he was later revived by other participants who were convinced he passed out when a tiger ghost left his body and then he was forced to drink more water once he regained consciousness, this happened three times before on the fourth occasion when attempts to revive him failed. Family members took him to the hospital at 3am where he was pronounced dead. The older twin was also treated for injuries caused by the consumption of the holy water. Hospital staff established that his death was caused by lung flooding and heart failure due to the excessive consumption of water.

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