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Drought crisis worsens in various parts of Thailand

Samui Times Editor



Drought crisis worsens in various parts of Thailand | Samui Times
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Water levels in reservoirs in several provinces in Thailand have significantly declined. Many farmers have been forced to forgo rice growing while others may have to abandon their fruit orchards.

In Ratchaburi province, a sign has been put up at Huai Sam Nak Mai Teng reservoir to inform people that the irrigation authority can no longer release water to farming areas in Muang and Pak Tho districts, given there is only 9% of water capacity remaining in the reservoir, which is barely enough for household consumption.

Head of Water Transmission and Maintenance Division 1 Jitsak Anusasanan said this could affect as much as 10,000 rai of farmland in the province.

In Nakhon Ratchasrima, rice farmers in Kok Kruad district have been forced to grow other vegetables instead of rice, which requires more water, to supplement their incomes as there is only 1 million cubic meters of water left in Huai Ban Yang reservoir.

Meanwhile, in Bueng Kan, one rambutan orchard owner, Mr. Chainat Petchantuek, said he would not be able to save his rambutan trees unless it began to rain by mid-July.



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