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Drug fugitive shot dead in a hail of bullets as he takes his wife hostage

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Drug fugitive shot dead in a hail of bullets as he takes his wife hostage | Samui Times
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Dramatic pictures show the moment when a desperate drug fugitive takes his own wife hostage when cornered by police.

drug-fugative-shot-deadSeconds later after he fired at cops a decision was made to take him down – he was shot in the back multiple times and was pronounced dead at the scene, reported Daily News.

His wife was also hit but survived.

The dramatic shootout played out at a rented house in the Tha Maka district of Kanchanaburi on Tuesday when 100 police and soldiers found where Suthiporn Klinhorm, 26, was hiding.

Earlier on Sunday he had escaped from custody in a safe house where he was being held after his arrest for having 25,000 Ya Ba pills.

He had grabbed a Glock 16 from a soldier when the military man was distracted and made good his escape with another man called Chalermphon Jitniyom, 25.

Police tracked down Chalermphon to Kamphaeng Saen after information was received from relatives and close associates and this ultimately led to Suthiporn.

He was hiding out with his brother in law and was with his wife too when the large force of cops and soldiers cornered him.

Cops tried to talk him out and persuade him to give himself up but in the end he grabbed a gun and took his own wife hostage aiming shots at police in a bid to escape justice again.

A SWAT team shot him many times in the center of his back with the bullets emerging through his chest. His wife was hit in the right leg and lost the middle finger on her right hand. She was seriously hurt.

A police investigation by top brass officers has begun.

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