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DSI warns Phuket of another possible massive Ponzi scheme

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DSI warns Phuket of another possible massive Ponzi scheme | Samui Times
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The Department of Special Investigation, part of the Ministry of Justice, has warned people not to get involved with what it describes as a “money game” being run by a company calling itself Virgin Gold Mining Corporation (VGMC)

It explains that the way VGMC operates is similar to the dodgy dealings of Chinese “Future Richest Man in the World” Chong Mi Chiew, alias Zhang Jian, alias Supachai Rujathon.

Zhang was arrested in Thailand in October last year on charges that his company, Yun Shu Mao, was a massive Ponzi scheme that had bilked people in China, Thailand and Malaysia out of some B9 billion.

Later this month DSI officers will meet in Surat Thani with police from across the South of Thailand, including Phuket to explain what they know about VGMC and other get-rich-quick schemes.

Worranan Srilum, Deputy Spokesman of the DSI and Director of the Special Cases Management Centre, told The Phuket News, “VGMC is only one of a hundred cases. Lots of money scams of various kinds are damaging the nation.

“We believe the total amount of money involved [in all these cases] is about B100 billion. These include schemes that sell products, and schmes involving currencies and gold.” He added, “Ufan is also on our list.

“We have just completed a campaign in Chiang Mai province and, we are going to Surat Thani in a couple of weeks. We want to invite policemen, officials and victim to join this campaign.”

In its warning on the website, the DSI said that investigators had discovered that Virgin Gold Mining does not have the correct permits to run a financial business in Thailand and is not listed in any official list of companies engaging in foreign exchange trading.

The investigators also found that a claimed subsidiary of VGMC, Asia Pacific Gold Mining Investments Ltd in Toronto, is not registered for gold futures trading.

Anyone having a problem relating to Virgin Gold Mining Corporation (DSI case number 67/2014) can call 02 831 9888.

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