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Durian To Get Odor-Free Packaging

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Durian To Get Odor-Free Packaging | Samui Times
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Thailand’s durian fruit is world renowned for its smell and one institute is taking note, making it easier and more acceptable for couriers to transport.

Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) says it has introduced fruit packaging that includes odor-proof boxes for the fruit.

Chutima Eamchotchawalit, governor of TISTR said the newly-developed packages will help e-commerce operators and fruit growers to deliver their fresh and safe products to customers.

She said odor-proof boxes are well responded by wholesale and retail durian sellers as well as exporters.

Beside the odor-proof boxes for durians, the TISTR has developed new packages for mangoes that are strong enough to protect the fruits when being stored on top of each other. The packages also have holes to help ventilate the fruits which reduce humidity and heat in an effort to extend storage times.

The institute has also developed packages with indicators to measure the amount of sulfur dioxide (SO 2) residue on fresh longans, so consumers can select to eat fruit that is safe from high chemical residues.

Durian is particularly smelly, according to researchers, because it may help animals be attracted to eat it and disperse its seeds.

They were able to trace the evolution of the fruit back 65 million years, finding an ancient relationship to the cacao tree, whose seeds produce chocolate.


SOURCE: Chiang Rai Times

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