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Dusit Poll reveals five political topics of most interest to Thais

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Dusit Poll reveals five political topics of most interest to Thais | Samui Times
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Suan Dusit University’s Dusit Poll has conducted a poll on political issues which may have captured the interest of the people. A total of 1,271 people responded to the survey conducted between December 10 and December 14 on the five most interesting political events as follows.

Dusit Poll reveals five political topics of most interest to Thais | News by Samui Times

Number One or the most interesting news item, was picked by 62.18% of the respondents, and concerned MP Parina Kraikupt who had allegedly encroached on a national forest reserve in Ratchaburi province. Reasons for their interest involved the woman MP as a politician of a new generation, and the current government. The respondents would like to follow up on developments in the issue which could set an example for other people who might be faced with similar charges and to see if the enforcement of the law might be subjected to double standards.

Number Two picked by 52.96% of the respondents was about the possibility of the Future Forward Party being dissolved by the Constitutional Court, following allegations of a 191.2 million baht loan to the party. Reasons involved the party as a brand-new one which has drawn the attention of a new generation of people and several aspects of the issue which the Election Commission may have failed to clarify. It could indicate a politically motivated conspiracy many respondents claimed, and political conflict would considerably intensify if the party was eventually dissolved.

Number Three picked by 22.44% of the respondents was about the government’s economic policies in the face of a sustained economic slump. The respondents preferred the government did not engage in too much of a populist campaign which would not be very beneficial to the people in the long run.

Number Four picked by 19.39% of the respondents was about the so-called Cobra MPs who might defect from one party to another. The respondents insisted the MPs do good deeds for the country rather than look to make undue personal gain.

Number Five picked by 15.79% of the respondents was about the constitution amendment issue which could ultimately lead to true democratic rule. The respondents preferred not to see bias in legal enforcement or the exploitation of the constitution only to prolong power and cause political conflict.

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