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Dusit Zoo holds emergency tiger escape drill

Samui Times Editor



Dusit Zoo holds emergency tiger escape drill | Samui Times
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Bangkok’s Dusit Zoo has conducted a drill simulating a tiger escape, following the recent distressing incident at a zoo in Ohio, USA where a four-year-old boy somehow fell into a gorilla compound.

Zookeepers and staff took part in an “escaped-tiger ” drill at Dusit Zoo as part of a training exercise in what to do if a tiger escapes its enclosure. The zoo also held an emergency response exercise in the event of someone falling into an animal exhibit.

A keeper told the press that the zoo has never encountered any incidents similar to these exercises, thanks to its preventive measures. She added these exercises are staged on a biyearly basis.

The move follows a heart-breaking incident that took place in Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio where a male gorilla was shot dead during a rescue operation. A four-year-old boy had climbed into the gorilla enclosure and was seen being dragged around by the 400-pound animal before the zoo decided to shoot the gorilla to protect the boy.



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