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Easy Weight Loss: Make a Lemon your Best Friend – Anzhela Shurina

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Easy Weight Loss: Make a Lemon your Best Friend – Anzhela Shurina | Samui Times
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Did you know that a lemon should be your best friend if you want to lose weight or maintain healthy weight easier?

You might have heard of the effectiveness of lemon water for weight loss. Is there any truth to it?

A lot of studies show that lemons are very effective in improving digestion and regulating the absorption of sugars by your body. It’s also proven that vitamin C(lemon has a lot of it) is very important for you if you want to lose weight because vitamin C helps your body to absorb calcium into fat cells which helps you to lose weight faster!

So exactly does Lemon Juice help you to lose weight?

Lemon WaterIt’s really fascinating for me how such a simple thing as a lemon can be so effective in helping you to lose extra weight by regulating your metabolism and sugar absorption. It happens due to the acidity content of the lemon. Lemons are very rich in citric acid, when you drink a glass of water with lemon juice in it first thing in the morning, you give your stomach natural digestive aid. The acid in lemons interacts with acids and enzymes in your stomach and gives you problem free digestion and easy elimination that means: easy weigh loss!

Lemons Lowers Absorption of Sugars by your body: It has been proven that one little lemon can lower the absorption of sugars from the food because of its high acidic content.

If you also eat some lemon peels with the juice(you can blend it to your lemon water) this will help you lose even more weight as lemon peels has pectin that becomes a gel forming substance in your stomach that reduces sugar absorption even more.

At the same time Lemons…

Help to absorb calcium: Lemons accentuate the acidity of your stomach that helps to absorb more calcium from the food you eat that will be stored in your fat cells. And it has been proven that the more calcium your fat cells have the easier it is to burn those fat cells! That’s what we want don’t we?

So how to have more lemons in your diet?

There are a lot of ways to introduce more lemons in your diet. One way that works for me perfectly:

Every morning I make a jar (1.5 L) of lemon water: juice of two lemons + lemon peel blended in. And then I just make sure I drink the whole jar during the day.

Start your day with a glass or 2 of lemon water.

Drink a glass of lemon water before every meal or when you feel thirsty or hungry.

lemons 3It seems very easy and simple but you wouldn’t believe how much better you are going to feel and look!

Try it for a week or so and You’ll definitely see and feel the results.

Side Note: I also noticed that my hunger went down A LOT since I started to drink a lot of lemon water.

Add a spoon of honey in your lemon water to sweeten it up a bit.

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