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How To Eat For Bright, Beautiful & Clear Skin

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How To Eat For Bright, Beautiful & Clear Skin | Samui Times
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How To Eat For Bright, Beautiful & Clear Skin

We’re all taught that acne is something that happens to teenagers, but the truth is that many adults struggle with this, too. And it’s frustrating! The good news is that dietary changes can make a huge difference in your skin. However, for many, the challenge is committing to a long-term dietary approach before throwing in the towel and taking prescription medicine. Could you say goodbye to milk, refined sugars, and high glycemic index foods to get clear skin? The most common culprits in acne are dairy, refined sugar, and high glycemic index foods –skin perfect basically the foods that make up our Standard American Diet (SAD), according to a recent paper published in Cutis. Last year, German researchers found that populations who consume a Paleolithic diet with a low glycemic load don’t have acne. (And in case you want another reason to eat more plants, this study even hypothesized the correlation between acne, diabetes, and cancer as they all hyperactivate the mTORC1 pathway.) So what foods can we eat to promote bright, beautiful, and clear skin? Well, a study published this summer suggests that acne-sufferers tend to have lower levels of Vitamin A, zinc, and Vitamin E in their blood compared to people with clear skin. Foods that are rich in these vitamins and minerals are going to support acne-free skin. Eat these foods to support acne-free skin: Vitamin A Carrots Sweet potatoes Paprika Butternut squash Dark leafy greens Cantaloupe Vitamin E Almonds Olives Pine nuts Sunflower seeds Dried apricots Zinc Grassfed beef and lamb Pumpkin seeds Spinach Mushrooms Dark chocolate Give your body a chance to heal itself by making lifestyle changes that support your long-term goals before you take prescription medications. Eliminate dairy, refined sugars, and high glycemic index foods to combat acne, while at the same time creating a framework for optimal health and vitality with nourishing, whole foods.

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