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Editors Choice – The Expat food shop – a heaven for Brits

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Editors Choice – The Expat food shop – a heaven for Brits | Samui Times
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If you are anything like me, and you have been here for more years than you care to count, you can probably remember the days before Indian restaurants, Tesco’s, Big C and Makro, the days when Laemdin was where you went for the ingredients for home cooking and the bits of imported goods from a store in Maenam.

Thankfully there is a lot more on offer these days and most of us barely miss the taste of home, but every now and again you think of something you can’t get here and add it to your wish list ready to send to the next person heading from good old Blighty to our sunny tropical shores.

expat store 1Well, the great news is that The Expaat Food Shop has opened its doors and is bursting at the seams with goodies from the UK. The even better news is that most of these goods are pretty affordable and on par with what you would pay in the UK.

The Expat food Shop can be found near the Irish Times close to Tesco and has a plethora of goods to whet your appetite.

So what is inside? Well for a start everybody’s favorite Walkers Crisps in a variety of flavors including salt and vinegar, roast chicken, cheese and onion , pickled onion, prawn cocktail, ready salted, Worcester sauce, other snacks include wotsits, quavers, monster munch and Nobys nuts.

Other delights to be found on the shelves? Well how about a full range of Robinson drinks, a full range of Sharwoods Indian sauces, Branston baked beans, Harry Ramsdons mushy peas, a full range of Master foods packet cooking sauces and Fray Bentos Pies, if you have a sweet tooth head for the section with Bassets jelly babies if savory is your thing then Marmite and Branston pickle should do you! If you fancy a treat then help yourself to some Ambrosia Devon custard or creamed rice or some HP or A1 sauce, cans of Heinz soups also made the journey along with McDougalls flour, Hovis flour, golden syrup and Sarsons vinegar. If you like gravy then the Bisto comes in beef, vegetable, chicken and turkey as well as white sauce and parsley sauce. And of course you can wash it all down with the awesome flavor of PG Tips

expat store 2There are more items coming soon, including some delicious pies baked to UK recipes in Phuket, Cadburys chocolate from the UK and the ultra delicious Cadbury’s crème eggs. So why not check out what is in stock and get updates as to new arrivals by clicking like on the Facebook page that you can visit by clicking here.

The Expat Food Shop also has a great range of BBQ’s that have been imported from Australia some of which are on show in the store as they are now the distributor for The Barbecue Store, previously located in Maenam

So put your feet up, put on an episode of Downton Abbey and whisk yourself back to the UK with a basket full of goodies from the Expat Food Shop only it won’t be as cold.



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