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Education visa advice fromGreg Pavlov with a 4% discount on tuition for everyone

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Education visa advice fromGreg Pavlov with a 4% discount on tuition for everyone | Samui Times
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Greg Pavlov has sent the Samui Times some information on ED-Visa’s, to share with our readers here is what he sent

I give everyone a personal discount 4% (1000bat) for one year tuition fee at International Language School with ability to get ED-visa.

Below I just share experiences about the process of obtaining student visa.

Ed visaNOTICE:

  • If you are from Korea – you can’t make extension for stayung in Thailand on Koh Samui at least.
  • If you want to make 12 month extension in Pattaya or Samutprakarn – it is not possible after 01/07/2014.
  • If you want to make regular extension of staying in Thailand in Pattaya – you have to make it in person only.
  • The Royal Thai Embassy in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia, will not issue an ED visa for Language Schools anymore.

Economic rationale

Educational 12month visa.
Year of study – 24,960 THB
Visa-runs (visa) 4700 THB
Visa 15 month 2200 THB
3 extension 1900*3=5700THB

Tourist visa is 12 months.
Visa-run 4700*4 = 18800
Visa fee 1200*4 = 4800
Extension = 1900*4=7600
Totally= 31200

So, comparing with tourist visa – it is not very expensive.

Choosing a School
1. «Koh Samui Tutor & Vocational School»
(11/8, Moo 1, Maenam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, 84330, Thailand, tel. 077 248 228 and 086 947 in 2883), which is on the front of the store Maenam “75″.
Their website
1 year fee – 30000THB

2. Mind Your Language,
Bophut: 142/7 Moo.1.

Contacts: mob. 087-28-46-582 and office – 077-96-20-88.
No information, as for me – looks strange. )

3. Thai Language School Samui or Thai Solution (TS). – a common site of the school.
he school is located near Big-C.
1 year fee – 28000THB

4. A New Language.
Address: 123/152 M. 1 Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand, 84320
Tel.: 077-426981 and 087-3862-198

No information.

5. «WaLen School Samui».
Branch of a well known chain of language schools in Thailand, which opened at the beginning of 2013.
1 year fee – 24,900THB

Actually there are 8 branches of Walen School in Thailand, so it gives you additional ability to move to another branch if needs. Usually it costs 3000-5000THB additional fee for documents preparation, because list of needed documents differs from state to state.

Process of obtaining a student visa.
In school, you will be provided with a list of documents and requirements (this list could be different in different states of Thailand, so it is list for Koh Samui Walen Branch only)

To obtain a student visa at the Thai consulate – you will need:

  • Completed application form
  • 2 photos 3,5 x4, 5cm
  • 2200bat
  • Letter from your international language school or other suitable places with training plan for 180 or more academic hours of tuition.
  • Letter from Ministry of Education /Surathani/ (individual, indicating consulate where you’re going to get a visa)

To obtain the letter from the school and MOE, you are required for admission:
Profile indicating the state and city to where you will apply for a visa
Pasport copy, stamp and last imigratsion departure card (if lost – fee usually 200THB)
17 photos 3,5 x4, 5cm.
Balance inquiry or bank book with a balance of at least 30000bat (required in English. Language)
Prepaid tuition fee – 50%

Paper process takes about 10 days, but as with any business which involved a lot of Thai people – better this term multiply by 3 to be sure. )
At Walen School – recommended period for the preparation of documents – 21 days. (in practice one week could be enough, but it is better not to rely on it and meke all preparations ASAP, if you decide to get ED-visa)

Having all the documents and the contact person at the school for emergency consultations – you have to make one visa-run (usually Koto Bharu or Penang).

Where to go on visa-run.
From my own experience I know that student visa in Kuala Lumpur did not get denied, without explanation of reasons.
I know about the successful experience of getting ED-visa in Coto Baro, Penang, Moscow, Kiev.

If you for some reason do not get ED-visa – 50% deposit, you can return only after the second unsuccessful attempt to obtain an ED-visa to another consulate. (such rules at school Walen).

When making application form – make sure twice, that you specified needed type of visa, period of visa and number of children.
Of course, it respnsobility of Visa-run service, to check your documents, but I know too many cases when children are forgotten to inscribe or receiving tourist visa instead of ED. You have to be sure! )

After receiving ED-visa – you need to provide passport copies for school and visa stamp to the school to prepare the documents for extension on right time. Visa is issued for a period of 15 months, it could be one-time or multiple entery and permit for a stay in Thailand could be 3 months or 12 months. Default – the cheapest option is: a one-time entry, with extensions of the residence permit every 3 months.

Extending permission to stay in Thailand
New permit required every 3 months it is easy to get it during 1-2 hours at Imigration-office at Nathon (hopefully soon Maenam office will be avilable)

Documents needed for extension:

  • Your photo inside and outside of your house / apartment
  • Photo inside classroom, during lesson
  • A copy of the student visa,a copy of the last stamp card copy imigratsion(departure) card.
  • Scheme or map of your home location on Samui
  • Letter from the Thailand Ministry of Education (school provides)

Renewal process takes about 1-2 hours, depending on the number of applicants, the cost 1900bat for one permit (3000bat if you are not able to get by yourself and school employee will make it, it could be useful in case if student is not able to confirm at practice his language skills in case if officer ask) .

You can do a week before the end of the previous permit. If you want to get permit for 12 months – it is possible and can be issued for 12000THB. (you should notify the school in advance before payment)

Permission to leave country, and save Education visa.
The procedure is similar to the extension. In immigration office fill in the appropriate form, and pay 1900bat to get permission to travel abroad.
Must notify at least one day before, but as always better to take stock of the week, you never knows what holiday could happen )

Learning process (experience Walen)
The learning process is usually seen as a lesson in small groups of 5-10 people (not allowed more than 12 students).
There are books to learn Englishand Thai.
Taught by native speakers (Thai or English). The emphasis is mainly on the spoken language.
If needs – you can make simple test to find out your language level and transfer to a more challenging course.
Actually the learning process can be ignored, only one photo in the classroom for each extension needed.
Fre demo-lesson is also avilable at Walen-school.

How to get a discount on tuition.
When submitting documents to the school – just tell them that you are applying for a discount of 4% from Greg Pavlov.
School counselor – will kindly deduct this amount from your invoice if you pay 100%.

How to earn while studying in school.
The school Walen practiced DCS Partnership, for each student on the recommendation – active student can get reward from 3% to 10%.


For any questions regarding ED-visa -feel free to contact me:

Greg Pavlov

skype: grigoriy_lb
Sorry, I don’t use cell-phone. )

If you have any updates with helpful information – please write me a letter.

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