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Egg seller arrested for selling overpriced eggs causing ministry to fix prices

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Egg seller arrested for selling overpriced eggs causing ministry to fix prices | Samui Times
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‘Shock horror’ as an egg seller get arrested for taking advantage of the Covid-19 crisis to sell overpriced eggs, causing the Ministry of Commence to take further action by fixing the price of eggs.

There is no shortage of eggs, nor will there be even in the face the emergency decree, that came into effect on March 26. Or so we’ve been told.

Thailand currently has the ability to produce about 40 million eggs per day, from this about 2 million of those eggs are exported. Despite the abundance of eggs available to the Thai nation, sellers are taking this time of crisis as an opportunity to make a bit of dishonourable profit.

The Pathumthani Ministry of Commerce received reports from citizens that a shop named ‘Jae Mai’ in the main city of Pathumthani Province has been selling overpriced eggs deemed to be higher than the MOC state price control list. Officials went to inspect the shop located in Than Petch market and met the owner Suthep Yamthanom.

A tray of size ‘0’ eggs, consisting of 30 eggs, are sold for 170 baht. The market price for size 0 eggs according to the MOC website are about 105-108 per tray calculating to around 3.50-3.60 baht per egg. The shop had no clear reason as to why they were selling at such a high price because the shop had at least 10,000 eggs in stock on the date of inspection. After interrogation, the shop owner was arrested.

Due to all the propaganda, The Ministry of Commerce is setting the price of eggs at 3.35 baht per unit and vendors who sell overpriced eggs will be prosecuted.

Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Commerce, Boonyarit Kalayanamit, discussed the issue with the Association of Hen Egg Farmers after the rising prices of eggs became a national problem. Seven large entrepreneurs in the egg business have said…

“An egg from farms is sold at 2.80 baht but middlemen might increase the price.”

Public Health Ministry spokesman, Taweesin Visanuyothin, says consumers had begun ordering groceries and food via the online platform and the minister of Commerce was trying to maintain the price by collaborating with delivery services.

“The ministry will prosecute vendors who sell overpriced eggs, This measure will be used at every level as the prime minister is deeply concerned about this matter.”

On Top of all the egg madness, Deputy PM and Minister of Commerce Jurin Laksanawisit says…

“To deal with the problem, the Ministry of Commerce is temporarily banning the exports of chicken eggs for 7 days from today in a bid to boost supply at home. The 7 day ban is a trial period, if the situation does not improve by next week, we may consider extending the ban”.

“When eggs are in oversupply, the government supports farmers by paying 40 satang each for exports to neighbouring countries, however, due to the Covid-19 situation, domestic demand has risen by 2-3 times, causing shortages in some areas. The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and Department of Livestock Development have been informed of the situation and will not issue export permits for chicken eggs throughout the period.”

If you witness price gouging of eggs or other control products, please contact Commerce Office in your area or call our hotline 1569.

SOURCE: The Nation, Thai Residents, The Thaiger

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