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Electronic certificates will be issued to businesses to ensure public health standards

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Electronic certificates will be issued to businesses to ensure public health standards | Samui Times
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After the government allows Thailand’sbusinesses and shops to function as usual, the Department of Health will grant electronic certificates to ensure public hygiene standards.

These electronic certificates will be issued to companies that maintain high standards of hygiene, such as thermo-scanning, access to hand-washing facilities, sufficient hand-to-hand sanitizers for staff and customers, tailored social distances in mind, regular, thorough disinfection schedules, and monitoring systems to track the health of their staff and their customer records.

Dr. Bancha Khakhong, the deputy chief of the Department, calls on companies to send information about their steps to avoid the spread of Covid-19 to qualify for certificates. The names of shops with good practice will be included in the database of the department and their websites will be published. Businesses can register for “Thaistopcovid” on the Department’s website— https:/

The scheme is set to go live from 8 am today.

“I would like to invite entrepreneurs to obtain a Covid-19 infection safety certificate to boost consumer confidence,” said Dr. Bancha.

The list of companies that can register for online certificates includes restaurants, markets, food delivery services, department stores, hotels, public transport services, educational institutions, religious facilities, fitness centers, spas, offices, beauty salons and convenience stores.

The electronic certificate scheme is being prepared as the government is set to discuss next week when and how to lift or reduce the lock-up measure, as the number of Covid-19 cases in Thailand has decreased over the last two weeks. Over the last two days, the number of new daily infections has been below 30, with a strong social distance between compliance and improved personal hygiene.

“The disease has already established a new standard for public hygiene in the Thai society, as well as a reduction in avian influenza, lung infections and diarrhoea,” said Dr. Bancha.

But the Department of Public Health still has evidence that the public has started to let down their guard.

On April 2-8 personal hygiene survey of 47,144 respondents, only 76.7 per cent of people wore masks on a regular basis, while 85.2 per cent frequently washed their hands. In the previous survey, the two figures were over 90%.

SOURCE:Bangkok Post

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