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Elephants and crocodiles cause chaos in two separate incidents

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Elephants and crocodiles cause chaos in two separate incidents | Samui Times
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In Bangkok a Thai woman had the shock of her life when she awoke to find her dog trying to protect two puppies from a large crocodile who mysteriously turned up in her back yard. The woman, who lives on Soi 44 first thought the dog was barking at a thief, but when she went to investigate discovered the crocodile. After hearing her screams neighbors managed to restrain the beast, tie its jaws together and call rescue services.

In a separate incident today at the crack of dawn on a rubber plantation in Eastern Thailand a wild elephant went on a rampage that left two men dead and one woman badly injured. The deceased, who were both in their 40’s, were working approximately three kilometers apart when they were attacked on the plantation in Chanthaburi province. Local police believe it was simply bad luck that both men were working in the elephant’s path, the elephant flung the men to the floor with its trunk before trampling them with its feet and gorging them with its tusks.

Elephants, the national symbol of Thailand, are sometimes known to attack. Earlier this month a video of a man being intimidated by a herd of elephants went viral on social networks, the biker was unharmed after the incident in Khao Yai national part. In August an elephant in the north of the country killed his ‘mahout’ before running off into the jungle with a terrified tourist on his back and in June another elephant killed one Thai man and injured another as they ate at a beachside restaurant.


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